AJ Management Consulting

AJ Management          consulting


Prior to the 2010 Census, Jackson realized the need for a more efficient, comprehensive communication solution to engage citizens through technological advances such as an improved web and social media presence.

  • The Gold Medal Award

Superb management of the 2010 Census, the largest domestic federal activity, resulting in $1.87 billion in operational savings

  • The Hammer Award

An innovative approach to communication through effective channels and compelling content used for digital communications.


Jackson effectively manages the complex financial, technical, operational, and quality components for a diversity of current clients.

At the Census Bureau, he directed five decennial division chiefs and two program office chiefs toward the timely completion of the 2010 Decennial Census, while serving on the Executive Steering Committee for the 2020 Decennial Census.


Jackson’s current work includes strategic planning, enterprise architecture and process reengineering. Jackson served on several executive boards. As member of the executive staff, he assisted the Director in a major overhaul of the Census Bureau’s diversity programs. Jackson also served as a dedicated champion for one of the largest affinity groups—Blacks in Government.


Pioneering the use of highly distributed information technology solutions and strategic outsourcing.


Reviewing capture opportunities in the federal, local IT and related service markets, and providing concrete alternatives to unique opportunities.


Envisioning a desired future, translating vision into strategically defined long-term goals and identifying the most innovative approach for achieving results.

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