Follow, Manage, Lead, the choice of your life

Our desperate need for strong leaders with sparkling inner values and a call to serve seems unfulfilled in any corner of today’s 21st century marketplace of public or private institutions. Maybe we are dipping into a pool of leader candidates who make poor choices to become leaders. Many of our current leaders were identified early in their career journey as high potential persons worthy of fast tracking, mentoring, targeted assignments and selected exposure to executives, customers, financial backers and political contacts. The anointed ones chosen for greatness seldom resist such seductive attention. This in turn creates a false sense of a call to duty. Missing in many cases is the piercing self- examination that we should engage in when facing the gateways from successful discipleship to well discharged management that earned us a view of the lofty mountain range of leadership. Here are some critical questions that we should ask ourselves.

1.Have I ever thought of myself as born to lead others ?

2 Which of my past experiences that involved influencing others have been unquestionably successful ?

3.Are my core values consistent with the vision , mission and operating practices of this organization ?

4.Can I truly say that I admire the leaders I have seen at the head of this organization since I have been here ?

5.Is the organization primed and ready for major change ?

6.If I lead some part or all of this organization will I have any dedicated followers from day one ?

7.Am I ready to let go of the technical or specialist roles that kept me engaged and fulfilled until now ?

Quite possibly our honest answers are “no” or “not really” to the questions above.

If so then leadership at this time in whatever place you find yourself may be best for another time and place in your path to further advancement, greater satisfaction, and peace of mind along the way.


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